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Design Ops

One of the largest Government departments, design at the Home Office is on a big scale. The department leads on immigration, crime, fire and counter-terrorism.

Our role

Design Ops helps to ensure a high quality of delivery, reducing inefficiency and waste that can emerge from design and delivery at scale. We do this by increasing collaboration and sharing and improving the design workflow.

We are a small team of senior designers and the Heads of design. Our role is to increase the standard of design, support teams deliver exceptional services and ensure the quality of deisgn is high.

I love working in a Design Ops role. I take the lead in 3 areas.

Design system

I go into more detail about my work on the design system here. Our design system plays a crucial role in the community:

  • a place to share and work in the open
  • a cross-Government work, that improves 100s of services
  • modelling design standards for Home Office individuals and teams
  • documenting learnings that would otherwise have been lost (or saved in sharepoint never to be found again)
  • creating a common language that people can use when talking about design

Design education

It's a privilege to be involved in the design education of some great designers. Design can do so much good and I want to be a part of other people's journeys. I very happily volunteered

I mentor design interns and recently two were promoted to full time positions.

This is an ever expanding programme which I am excited to be a part of.


By the end of this year, I will have trained over 70 people in code, prototyping and Git. It's amazing to see how stoked people get when they make their first pull request or change some code and see it go live.

I also run training on access needs and accessibility in design and development.

Our code training site