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Design at scale in Government

Building design at the size and complexity of government is hard. In my role in the design operations (DesignOps) team , I am responsible for supporting high quality delivery across government and reducing inefficiencies.

DesignOps helps to ensure a high quality of delivery, reducing inefficiency and waste that can emerge from design at scale. I do this by focusing on improving our designers craft, and the processes and methods designers use to deliver services.

I take the lead in 3 areas.

System thinking

The design system is the source of truth for our organisations design craft. It focuses on meeting the common needs of our users, enabling designers to focus on service specific problems.

The patterns and components in the system are used by millions of users. The system plays a crucial role in the community by:

  • being a place to share and work in the open
  • increasing the standard of work across services
  • being a cross-government work, contibuting common elements for use across the whole of government
  • modelling design standards for government individuals and teams
Design system case study

Design language

A design language for government staff users creates the foundations for a more consistent experience across thousands of services.

Creating a design language for use across government is ambitious and affects change on a huge scale. Cross-departmental agreement has always been a challenge and the design has to be flexible and good enough to use across a broad range of services.

Design language case study

Guidance and accessibility

Creating guidance so teams don't waste time and effort finding out to deliver high quality services to their users.

Delivery manual case study
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