How Do

How Do wants every child and adult – regardless of gender or background – to have a simple, accessible way of understanding how things in our world work.

The project

I want to make learning S.T.E.M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fun and available to everyone. I explain how everyday things in our world work, like websites and cameras. It's a challenge project that requires research, content design and experience design, as well as building the site.

I've enjoyed collaborating with some talented people to get me this far. If the project takes off, I hope to get community contribution, to help suggest and produce content.

A screenshot of the homepage of How Do
The homepage
How Do

Making S.T.E.M accessible

The amount of women working in STEM roles is on the rise but in 2017 women made up only 23% of STEM roles in the UK. One of my goals in making How Do is to make a resource that anyone can use. To help in a small way to make STEM subjects accessible.

An illustration from my article on How websites work
Illustration from 'How do websites work' by Chris Taylor