How Do

How Do wants everyone – regardless of gender or background – to have a simple, accessible way of understanding how things in our world work.

The project - making S.T.E.M accessible

S.T.E.M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) are so important to our world and how we live. But they can appear unaccessible and difficult to grasp. One of my goals in making How Do is to make a resource that anyone can use. That helps to explain S.T.E.M in an easy to understand way so people can access information and maybe even explore an a career in S.T.E.M.

Taking my inspiration from books from my youth that cut through the middle of cameras to show how they worked, I set about exploring if there was a need I could meet with this project.

The design and build

I wanted the journey through sections to be in stages so people could digest the information. I also wanted the content to be central, with imagery to support learning.

I've tried to keep design to a minimum while the project is in discovery.

I built How Do with static HTML and CSS as accessibilty is central principle of this project. I enhanced each article with JavaScript but it works without.


I have some initial user research but participants have all been adults. A goal for the project is that an 8 year old should be able to understand the concepts How Do tries to explain. So the next stage of research is to see how children use the resource and if they find it useful.

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A screenshot of the homepage of How Do
An illustration from my article on How websites work
A screenshot of the homepage of How Do